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Get a world-class expert that adapts to your team and uses our proven methodology to reach your goals.


Subscribe to a plan & come in with specific requests or let your expert suggest how to improve your team and ship faster.


Get your requests completed in under 72 hours on average. Monday to Friday.


Keep shipping and improving your team. Your expert will adapt to your needs at every moment.

Enzo is a very trustworthy and skilled developer who led our team from MVP to launch during the 7 months we worked together.

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Ramiro Vazquez

Senior Software Developer, Protofire

A "before and after" experience replaces unreliable freelancers and expensive full-time employees for one flat monthly fee, with tech leads so good at shipping that it will blow your mind. helped us scale our tech process by defining strict tech guidelines, speeding up our releasing process, and sharing all his experience about working at startups. A real financial and time saver.

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William Holcman


A proven methodology

We have built 50+ products and consolidated all our learnings into a methodology with one single goal: to set up your team for success.

95% async

Don't like meetings? We don't either; that's why we have reduced them to an (optional) 20-minutes call per week.

Use your tools

We adapt to your setup. Slack, Trello, Asana, Notion, Jira. All messages answered, always up to date ticket.

Membership benefits

Everything you'll ever need to grow your tech team.

  • Tech backlog

    Add as many requests to the backlog as you'd like.

  • Lightning-fast delivery

    Get your requests completed one at a time in under 72 hours on average.

  • Fixed monthly rate

    Pay the same fixed price each month. No surprises.

  • Top-notch quality

    World-class tech lead inputs at your fingertips whenever you need it.

  • Flexible

    Start tomorrow and cancel your subscription at anytime.

  • 100% personalized

    Your expert will adapt to your team and needs to obtain the best results.

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The secret sauce: our methodology

After bootstrapping 50+ products on a wide range of markets and building 10+ technical teams from the ground up, we have consolidated all our learnings into a methodology. Below you can find some sneak peeks of how we think about tech teams' challenges.

Search through our Twitter knowledge base as well

We deliver on the full spectrum

Our experts have experience across the whole stack, just ask and they will deliver. Does your team need something not on the list? Ask us on a free call, we probably know about that too.

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"Ask me about..."
Knowledge system

Enzo has the capacity to lead both developers and designers and provide an integrated vision for the project. His constant dedication over the years has compounded into an incredible skill set.

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Andrei Vazhnov

VP Product Architecture, Real Broker

Enzo is a motivated and professional blockchain and web3 developer of the highest caliber. He provided strong leadership and mentoring to his colleagues, and was always open to solutions that were out of the box.

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Sam Stone

Head of Product, Swarm Markets

I must say Enzo's leadership skills in both architectural and design decisions are really exceptional. His ability to foster technical excellence and prioritize the developer experience sets him apart, ensuring his team consistently achieves success.

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Arnaud Coutin

Head of Data, Chance

Membership levels

Get an expert for your team and start your journey toward technical excellence via our subscription plans. Can't see what you are looking for? Ask us on a free call.

Save $1,000 per month, or $3,000 total by subscribing quarterly


$9,495 / month

  • Continous audit of your tech team

  • Unlimited requests to your expert
    (completed one at a time)

  • Keep working with the same expert every month

  • Lightning-fast turnaround for requests

  • 1 weekly 20-minute call with your expert

  • Start tomorrow, cancel anytime



Let's Build the Future of Your Tech Team

Book a free 30-minute call where we will discuss your business and pain points.

At the end of the session, you will have a clear idea of how to move forward with your team and how we may help you.

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Meet Enzo!
  • - Founder of
  • - 10+ years in web development
  • - 50+ products bootstrapped
Shipping experts as a service.

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